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Giant Games NYC


Arcade game rentals

Giant Games of NYC is the leader in arcade game rentals.

Giant games of NYC  is an arcade game rental company as well as renting Giant games ,inflatable games and carnival games.

Whether it is a corporate event, school function or private party an arcade game will elevate your event . 

Our arcade inventory includes Pac Man, , Ms Pacman , Defender, Donkey Kong, and other classic  arcade games.

We service NYC ,Westchester , NJ and parts of Connecticut.

Pac Man•Pac Man

Donkey Kong•Donkey Kong



Ms.Pacman•Ms Pacman

Donkey Kong Jr• Donkey Kong Jr.


We alo carry arcade games with 60 games which include:

•Ms Pacman •Donkey Kong •Galaxian •Mr do •Galaga 3
•1942 •Mappy •Pacman Jr •Burger Time •Millipede
•Time Pilot •Space Panic •Tank Battalion •Hustler •New Rally X
•Juno Frist •Moon Cresta •Super Pacman •Zaxxon •King and Balloon
•Congo Bongo •Pacman Plus 2 •Xevious •Bomb Jack •Dig Dug
•Calage 2 •Arkanoid •Pinball Action •1943 •Pooyan
•Jumping Jack •Galaga •Space Invaders •Gyruss •Ladybug
•Pacman 2 •Centipede •Pengao •Super Cobra •Super Breakout
•Qix •MR Dos Castle •Scramble •Shao Lins Road •Van Van Car
•Amidar •Pleids •1943 Kai •Ms Pacman 2 •Jr Pacman 2
•Frogger •Donkey kong 3 •Crush Roller

We service Parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut