Arcade Games

Our state of the art multi game is played on a 50 inch screen.
Play the most popular arcade games on our state of the arts giant 50 inch screen.

Most Popular Games Include:

• Pac Man
• Donkey Kong
• Space Invaders
• Galaga
• Ms Pacman
• Centipede
• Dig dug
• Mario Bros
• Q*bbert
• Pole position
• Pong
• Donkey Kong Jr
• Missile command
• Punch out
• Gauntlet
• Joust
• 1942
• Street fighter
• Double dragon
Pac Man Game

If you dont see your game, ask, we probably have it.

$ 695 for 1 unit rental 2 for $ 995
Arcade rental is for up to 5 hours.

We have expanded our business to include the following:
DJ, MCs, Live Bands, Photo Booth, Carnival Games, Magicians, Team Building, Balloon Decor, and Catering.

We service Parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut