Giant Oversized Games

Below is a complete list of available oversized games. The prices are for one day of rental, up to five hours.  Look at the other games we offer. 

Minimum orders are $450 (does not include delivery or setup).

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Below is a List of Giant Games We Carry

Baseball Cornhole

Baseball Cornhole - $125

This game is a great 2 person cornhole game. Included is 1 board, 8 bags, and a laminated scoresheet (rules and scoreboard).

Corn Hole Drinking Game

Corn Hole Drinking Game - $125

The best drinking game on the market! Included with this game is one board and 8 bags.

There are no set rules for this game, it's pretty much however you want to play it. Suggested rules would be:
Each person at the party throws 4 bags. If a bag goes in a hole, you must do what it says (I drink, you drink, or we drink). If it lands on the board without going in a hole, or doesn't hit the board, then nothing happens.

JK's Homemade Backyard Games L.L.C. is not responsible for the actions that this game causes!

Beer Pong / Golf

Beer Pong / Golf - $175

Included in the set are: 2 pong boards, 2 chipping mats, and 12 plastic golf balls.

To play- (Same rules as regular beer pong), except you have to chip the balls to the other end. Boards are placed 15 feet apart (or any distance you agree ) 6 balls start on each side. Player A chips a ball to the other side from their chipping mat. Then, Player B chips a ball from their chipping mat to the other side.

Giant Battleship

Battleship - $995

Players take turns firing shots (by making a location guess) to attack enemy ships. On your turn, call out a letter and a number that identifies a row and column on your target grid. Your opponent checks that space on his ocean grid and responds "miss" if there is no ship there or "hit" if you guessed a space that contained a ship. Mark each of your shots (guesses) on your upper target grid using white pegs for your misses and red pegs for hits to keep track of your guesses.

When one of your ships is hit, put a red peg into a hole on that ship on your ocean grid at the location of the hit. The ships are different sizes and have different numbers of holes. When one of your ships has every slot filled with red pegs, you must announce to your opponent that he has sunk your ship. The first player to sink all opposing ships wins the game.

Under The Knife™ - $695

Under the Knife game is great fun for all ages! This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board, the patient's nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered. This surgical game becomes the life of any party or event!

Pirate Treasure

Pirate Treasure™ - $695

This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant hit. Players use the huge tweezers to collect pirate booty from the treasure map. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board, Uh-Oh! Pirate sound effects are triggered, and the player loses their turn.

This pirate game will be the life of any party or event!
A lot like my operation game

Malpractice (Operation)

Operation™ - $795 (rent up to 5 hours) 

This gigantic operation like game involves removing body parts from a cavity in the body without touching the side of the game.

14 Wacky Ailments
 Light Up Indicator
 6' x 3' Game Play Area

Strike A Light - $895 (rent up to 5 hours)

The only game that caters to everyone! Perfect for Corporate Event markets, Promotions, Team Building, & even the Basement! At just 65lbs you can literally take it anywhere!

Comes with 2 different game modes, easily selected with the flick of a switch. Hold a tournament with the game set to "Strike A Light" and record the high scores. Bring the best players back and have them face off with "Strike It Back." Only the best player will win! Who has the fastest hands, but more importantly, who is the most accurate as well. The competition doesn't get any better than this.

Pluck a Duck

Pluck a Duck- $695

Pluck A Duck is the world first and only head-to-head steady hand puzzle game. As with all of our Piece Out Games, the player's wand is actually an electromagnet. So when the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand and magnetizes. While carefully removing the piece, should contact be made with the cutout, the magnet automatically turns off and the piece drops. This unique 2 player unit has individual game timers so you can see who has that perfectly steady hand under the pressure of some friendly competition! Games are available in Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty levels, and can be easily changed by swapping out the game pieces.

*Table Top Unit Shown on standard 4-foot table *


Plinko - $245 (rent up to 5 hours)

Folded- 23 x 35.5 x 10 in
Open- 23 x 70.5 x 10 in.
Weight- 45 lbs
Comes with 3 colored discs & parts bag

Classic meets contemporary in this well-known game called Plinko! Drop one of the colored discs down from the top and watch it bounce through the pegs and into a scored slot at the bottom. Is this a game of pure luck or does it require strategy? You’re to decide!

Maze Runner

Maze Runner - $595 (rent up to 5 hours)

Size- 53 x 38.5 x 8 in
Weight- 54 lbs
Comes with: 3 yellow balls & parts bag

This maze game is a new and exciting game that challenges both your patience and your skills! The object of the game is to guide your ball through the maze by spinning the maze via the wheel at the bottom. Can you master the maze?




Mineshaft - $495 (rent up to 5 hours)

Dimensions: 23 x 71.5 x 8.5 in.
Weight - 57 lbs

Comes with 2 golden balls

With six giant keys to choose from, find the four correct keys to unlock the carts blocking a gold nugget from racing through the mine on its way out of the tunnel. Make sure to watch out for the miners and TNT!

Monster Blast

Monster Blast - $245 (for up to 5 hours) 

Perfect for birthday parties or fund-raising events! This classic carnival game uses NERF darts to shoot the knock-down targets! Sets up in less than a minute and measures 6'X18".

Kids of all ages will love this exciting, monster-blasting game. Players can try to knock down monsters with the built-in dart gun
Comes with built-in dart gun with laser, 10 darts

23 x 70.5 x 35.5 in.
Weight 40 lbs.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf Windmill Hole - $395 (up to 5 hours) 

Product Dimensions: 23 x 70.5  

Test your putting skills with our Mini Golf game. Putt the ball through the tunnel, and lookout for the spinning windmill! Hole 2! Can you make it up the narrow hill into the hole? (Tip: this track is even longer than the first!)



Giant Chess

"As seen on the Today Show"

Giant Chess - $275

King is 25" tall and weighs 2.75 pounds
Pawns are 16" tall and weighs 1.5 pounds
Board is 10' by 10'

These pieces are plastic and made of indestructible high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recycled plastic

Connect 4

Connect 4 Game - $125

Players take turns dropping large checker like objects in a slot. The object of the game is to get four of your color checkers in a row. This can be either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The first player to get four in a row wins.

This image is of my Connect 4 game for Time Out Magazine, Battle of the Burger Challenge in lower Manhattan.

Image Courtesy of Matt Marquez.

Connect 4 Game

"As seen on the Today Show"

Connect 4 Game - $175

This is the largest connect four game we have. Players take turns dropping large checker like objects in a slot. The object of the game is to get four of your color checkers in a row. This can be either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The first player to get four in a row wins. Dimensions: 47.60" x 17.70" x 46.00

Giant Checkers

"As seen on the Today Show"

Giant Checkers - $175

Great way to play the classic board game.


Jenga™  -  $75

This is a wooden 54 piece graffiti styled oversized Jenga set. When set up this Jenga set stands over 2 ft tall, 6.5 x 6.5 x 27 and when played can reach over 6' tall. This large 23 piece set weighs 25 lbs.

Jenga is played by removing one block from any level (except the one beneath the incomplete top level) of the tower, and placing it on the top level. Only one hand can be used. Blocks may be bumped to find a loose block that will not disturb the rest of the tower. Any block that is moved out of place must be returned to its original location before removing another block. The turn ends when the next person to move touches the tower or after ten seconds, whichever occurs first.

The game ends when the tower falls in any way, in other words, any piece falls from the tower, other than the piece being knocked out to move to the top. The winner is the last person to successfully remove and place a block.

Hydro Blaster Game

Hydro Blaster Game - $245

Hydro blaster is a 2 man game. Each player pumps as quickly as possible to send air into opponent's balloon. First player to break the other person's balloon wins. Can be played with water-filled balloons as well. Fits perfectly into a party and carnival themed environment. Length: 3'5" Width: 4' Height: 6'5" 75 pounds

Giant Piano Mat

Giant Piano Mat - $85

Piano mat is the fun way to make music. Put it on the ground and let your feet do the rest. It comes with seven different musical instrument settings and saves and plays back your performances and compositions. It is a fun way to get children interested in playing an instrument. Children jump and dance around creating music as they go. The piano mat is also great for adults at any venue or party. It comes with seven different musical instrument settings and saves and plays back your performances and compositions. It is a whopping 6 feet by 2 feet when laid out.  

Giant Scrabble

"As seen on the Today Show" 

Scrabble™ - $295

Life-size version of the classic board game.

Wire Game

Wire Game- $325

Participants navigate a circular wand around the twists and turns of the long wire. The goal is to reach the other side of the machine without the wand touching the wire. If the wand touches the wire, the game will light up and alert the entire room with a loud sound. Comes with 2 wireless wands and a timer.

48" tall - 47" wide - 18" deep - 32 lbs


Cornhole - $75

Catch the Light Game

Catch The Light - $895

Catch the Light is a new speed and reflex game designed for both adults and children. Quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart your opponent in this fast-paced redemption piece, perfect for any location!

•Bright flashing LED cabinet and buttons
•Red and Blue displays for scores, credits, and time
•Illuminated corner covers
•Adjustable difficulty level
•Beautiful graphics with LED backlights


The Vault  $495

Select difficulty level
Push trigger to start
Stop the orbiting WHITE lights on the RED lights
Progress through all 5 rounds to WIN
You have 30 seconds to complete your mission

Strike Zone

Strike Zone $175

Strike Zone is bowling with a twist! Simply slide the pucks down the alley to flip the pins. You have three chances to hit all seven. Comes with 3 pucks.

70.5 x 22 x 9.5 in.
Weight 41 lbs.


Portable Skeeball $175

Skeeball is a fun, classic game where the goal is to roll the balls up the ally and land them in one of the three holes. Each hole is smaller and worth more points than the last!

Comes with: 3 white balls

- 23 x 70.5 x 8.5 in.
Weight - 39 lbs.

Whip and Skip

Whip and Skip $175

23 x 70.5 x 11 in.
Weight - 40 lbs.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill $175

Giant Golf Dart

Giant Golf Dart - $695

10’ Velcro dart board that players hit golf balls onto the scoreboard. There are so many variations of games that you can play with this unique game.


 FLAP ATTACK - $245 

A fun game that 2 people can play. Roll a ball and knock down as many flaps as possible without falling off the ledge.


Shuffleboard - $175

Shuffleboard - Basics
Each player gets 30 discs. Once a disc is in play, the only time a player is allowed to touch a disc is when the disc has passed the control line (the start bar) and has returned to the player on its own. In order for a score to count, the entire disc must pass through the front of the gate bar.Playing Rotation

Each player gets 3 turns per set to slide as many pucks through the gate bar as possible; the goal is to get the highest score. A twist in the game; whenever a player fills each slot in a given set, their points count for double. So, placing a single disc in each slot means you get 20 points for your set instead of 10. A great incentive.

The gate bar is marked 2,3,4,1 from left to right. Each slot is around 2.4 inches wide, just enough space to slide your disc in. Within each of these slots is a partition that separates discs that have already passed through the gate bar.

The highest score you can achieve is 148 which would so happen to occur if you managed to get 7 pucks in the 2 slot, 7 pucks in the 3 slot, 9 pucks in the 4 slot, and 7 pucks in the 1 slot. If you reach this high score (148) in 2 sub-sets, you get 1 extra disc. Make that last shot into the 4 slot and you have the highest score possible of 152!
The game is around 6 1/2 feet long.

Giant Backgammon

Giant Backgammon - $325
8-foot by 7-foot giant backgammon set.


Whack-a-Mole - $795
2 players play at the same time. Each player has an equal number of moles visible on each side. Players hit the moles on their heads as fast as they can, so the opposite player has more moles above the surface than you do. As you hit one down, the one on the other side will raise up. After 20 seconds or anytime you set, the player with the most moles hit down is the winner at the end.
Dimensions: 4' L x 8' W x 6' H

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe / Basketball - $595
Tic tac toe game played with basketballs. Inflatable Game


Golf/Skeeball - $250
This great game combines putting and skeeball. Many people can play at an event.

Boom Blasters

Boom Blaster - $345
2 people compete by pumping the machine as fast as you can causing the balloons to inflate and break. 1st one to break their balloon wins. Perfect for children of all ages and adults!

Puck Hole

Shuffleboard/Cornhole - $175
This game combines 2 great games. Cornhole and Shuffleboard.

Connect4 / Basketball

Connect4 / Basketball
This game combines 2 great games. Object is to get 4 basketballs in a row vertically, horizontally or across. Players take turns shooting. Game measures 76"W x 74"H x 40"D

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